Who is Wright Bros Beef?

Wright Bros Beef is a 5th generational farm, nestled in the blue ridge mountains of Bedford County. Here on the farm we strive to produce the highest quality breeding stock and feeders possible. With a deep following of Schaff Angus Valley we strive for growth, docility, eye appeal, and good set of papers behind it. Lets take a look at some of the people behind the scenes and get to know them!

~First on our get to know us is the main man, the second generation here on WBB, Randolph, also know as Red, was born in 1932 and fell in love with farming from the time he could walk! You may not see him in the tractors now a days but I can guarantee that if anything is going on around the farm he will pull up and keep us in line and oversee the activities we do! Without him none of this would be possible today! So if you see him out, don't hesitate to stop and say hey!

~The second man we are going to introduce to you is, Danny, the 3rd generation. He is the brains behind the operation, constantly thinking of what to breed to, what to plant, when to cut the crops, and how we can change and improve the farm in the big picture. If you can't find Danny on the farm he may be on horseback, Team Roping. With what little free time he has he loves to rope for fun and competitively.

~The second member of the 3rd generation is Curtis. The absolute jokster of the whole family. Farming was instilled deep in him just like Danny. You may not see him as often as the others due to being the main man of Bushwhackers INC but he is still an active part of all things we do on the farm whether it be building some fence, vaccinating and casturating calves or just sitting around joking, Curtis is your man!

~The 4th generation started with Kaelyn, she will be the first to admit she didn't see herself farming growing up but now, she wouldn't change a thing. She is often behind the scenes doing registrations, preg checking the herd here at the farm or breeding the herds. She also took over Wright Bros Fencing and has gone all over Bedford and surrounding counties building fence privately and for USDA or NRCS offices. She is much like Curtis and a big jokster like him and Danny and she always tries to be the "Cup half Full" one on the farm.

~With the 4th generation also came Jason. The younger and more timid one of the two children of Danny. Jason always knew he was going to farm. From the time he could walk he had bottle calves. His love for farming grew when the end of his high school career was ending and he decided to go to Trade School to be a Heavy Diesel Technician. He wanted to be able to not only help the family with the diesel equipment but to also help the community with service and repair of equipment. 

~The 5th generation came along in 2020 when Kaelyn had her first daughter, Avery. When you see anyone around town they know Avery is the true boss and head supervisor. Her favorite things to do on the farm is to call the cows and make sure mama(Kaelyn) and popeye (Danny) tag the babies when they are born.

We all here at Wright Bros Beef are proud activist of agriculture and look forward to meeting every one of you on this wonderful adventure we are Blessed to call life. 
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